Jewelled Jumpsuit Creations by Lesley

Commissions undertaken

As Elvis fans we LOVE his jumpsuits but obviously we all have our favourite(s).  If you would like to commission a piece for your own collection this is all you have to do.

Contact me and let’s chat about your favourite jumpsuit.  Some lend themselves better than others to the Jewelled Jumpsuit process.  
The more ornate they are the better it works!

Once you’ve chosen a suit I will source an image to work from, and from there we’ll decide whether it will be front or back image, with scarf or without.

Once I begin a commission I will contact you to let you know.  Then when the process is further on I will ask you if there is particular image you like of Elvis in the suit.  It will need to be a high resolution image.  When that is selected and your embroidered beaded panel is done I will mount and frame (if you want it framing, the choice is yours) and print off and laminate a description and history of the suit. 


Books and short stories

I have two books available which are compilations of short stories and poems and also two short stories in booklet form.


I currently have two books in print.  These are compilations of Elvis fictional short stories and poems.

A Lifetime Of Love was so well received by Elvis fans that I followed it up with Welcome to My World in 2019.  I was thrilled that my dear friend Barbara Hearn-Smith (who went out with Elvis in the 1950’s) wrote the forward.  Here is just an short excerpt of what she had to say....

This book by Lesley Pilling is unlike any of the hundreds of books written about Elvis reads like a love story. Elvis’ very being seems to have been infused in Lesley’s heart and mind and then released for his fans through her pen”

If you would like a copy of either book please use the Contact page.

Prices see below



A special short story written for Christmas.

A story of two families living in a very special place.

Sharing special times, happy and sad....but always magical.

Enjoy The Christmas Cardinal.....coming soon.

To reserve your copy get in touch via the Contact page.   This will be a limited print run so don’t miss it!

Check out the trailer...

Click here


Price see below


This short story was written to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of Elvis’ passing.

Don’t forget your tissues when you read’ll need them.

To get your copy contact us via the Contact page.


Price See Below


 A Lifetime Of Love............£12.50 per copy plus shipping

Welcome To My World............£8.50 per copy plus shipping

Short stories..    these are in booklet form

‘42’. .......£6.50 per copy plus shipping

The Christmas Cardinal ........£6.50 per copy plus shipping

The Jewelled Jumpsuit Collection

Prices start at £50.......price on enquiry